Better warehouse management tech streamlines deliveries

October 12, 2023

Timing is everything in the modern transport business. For carriers, ensuring on-time delivery is crucial for continued success and customer satisfaction. But all too often, issues at the point of delivery create holdups that reflect poorly on the carrier at no fault of their own. What can be done to streamline operations within the warehouse for smoother delivery? A new generation of tracking technology aims to address this problem once and for all.

One such piece of tech is the platform AutoScheduler, an intelligent warehouse orchestration platform designed to automate warehouse operations. For carriers, this platform helps ensure that workers are ready to receive a load at the designated time while prioritizing the movement of goods for better efficiency. Above all, this platform is designed to help a warehouse meet its service goals within the bounds of transport constraints.

“Today, warehouse management systems are a little mis-named. They don’t manage anything, they just keep an accounting of inventory, people, and tasks,” explains Thomas Moore, Founder and CEO of AutoScheduler. With most software on the market today, the ultimate decisions related to resource management within the warehouse are still left up to a human worker, which can lead to inefficiencies.

AutoScheduler takes the guesswork out of where and when to place people and goods within the warehouse, creating better workflows and saving time. Taking the human element out of the process leads to greater consistency across every step of the warehousing process, which translates to improved efficiency for carriers at the point of delivery.

Warehouse management tech such as AutoScheduler provides advantages for warehouses and carriers alike. Learn more in the latest episode of the Stay In Your Lane Podcast.

Existing supply chain tracking and visibility platforms have developed tools to anticipate late deliveries and adjust appointment times accordingly. In theory this is good for visibility, but in practice, shifting appointments can lead to a chain reaction of issues affecting other deliveries. AutoScheduler fills these potential gaps automatically, recalculating a wide range of variables in real time to ensure the best use of resources through any disruption.

In Moore’s view, tying his platform in with existing TMS systems could provide a better picture of deliveries and warehouse operations. He proposes a more holistic approach to warehouse orchestration, with each piece of the puzzle viewed on the whole rather than within the separate categories that carriers and warehouses often find themselves.

“Unfortunately, carriers are treated as a completely separate silo. Only when there’s a big shortage do we start to worry about looking after carriers,” says Moore. “No one fully comprehends the impact of the things that can happen at the dock, or when scheduling operations, or writing orders to move things. Let’s make sure we have people who are invested in carriers’ success all the time, not just in bad times.”

In situations where carriers face long waits at the loading dock, a stalemate ensues over whose time is worth more. This is the reason for detention costs—another costly issue that AutoScheduler seeks to solve. This would translate to time saved for carriers and lower bills associated with detention fees, which can add up to a huge monthly expense for some operations.

Carriers face challenges beyond simple delays at the loading dock. The difficulty of the lifestyle of the professional trucker cannot be fully comprehended by anyone outside of the profession. One of the goals of AutoScheduler is to better respect the time and energy that carriers put into the work they do.

“We as a shipping public need to recognize how to become more efficient,” says Moore. “That’s one of the things we’re trying to do with our software: to make shippers more efficient.”

According to Moore, companies that have adopted AutoScheduler have improved efficiency and achieved greater visibility into their warehousing operations. To learn more about the advantages this technology can provide to your warehouse, visit their website at AutoScheduler.AI. For world-class 3PL services to help keep your shipments on track and on time, trust the supply chain experts at Triple T Transport.

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