How HP Hood’s Partnership with Triple T Transport Enhances its Business Operations

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Maintaining High Standards in Refrigerated Transportation

Since its founding in 1846, HP Hood has grown into one the largest dairy processors in the United States. Hood now operates 13 manufacturing plants throughout the country to provide its products to consumers across the nation. As a leader in the dairy industry, Hood faces numerous supply chain challenges including spikes in seasonal demand, the exacting nature of temperature-controlled transport, and the commitment to providing high quality dairy products on time despite industry-wide adversity in transportation. To ensure seamless and on-time deliveries year-round for their retailers and dedicated customers, Hood partners with Triple T Transport for third-party logistics (3PL) brokerage services.

The Foundations of a Partnership

HP Hood’s partnership with Triple T Transport started modestly, with a small volume of shipments. The partnership has since grown significantly, evolving into a robust and enduring relationship spanning more than two decades. Triple T is the brand’s go-to partner for loads that demand special care and attention to detail.

“We lean on Triple T for help with special projects or when something comes up that just has to be delivered on time,” explains Roland Creswell, HP Hood’s Senior
Logistics Manager. “More often than not, Triple T is the first phone call we make.” Triple T’s lasting partnership with Hood is built upon decades of proven honesty, consistency, and reliability from both sides.


Triple T is a carrier we can always trust. We know that when we send them a shipment, the appointments are going to get scheduled, and any issues will be communicated to us.

Roland Creswell, Senior
Logistics Manager, HP Hood

Bringing Solutions: Unmatched Service and Support

HP Hood supports Triple T Transport with clear communication and realistic delivery expectations. In return, this allows Triple T to provide Hood with a dedicated and highly specialized service team that caters to their unique needs and requests. With years of experience and a deep understanding of Hood’s specific expectations, this team works in close collaboration with the dairy giant to streamline processes, resolve challenges, and provide timely solutions. This ensures that Hood’s logistics requirements are not just met but exceeded.

“When there’s a problem with a delivery, we’re not just going to leave you to figure it out,” says Triple T Account Manager Lucas McCarty. “We want problems to be 100% hands off for our customers, so we always come prepared with solutions to get the job done.”

As Hood expanded its operations over the years, Triple T seamlessly adapted, growing their services and capabilities in tandem with Hood’s progress. Triple T’s status as a non-asset-based 3PL broker gives them the flexibility to consistently provide the right solutions to support Hood’s growth trajectory. Combined with a “customer-first approach,” Triple T offers invaluable support to help the dairy processor achieve its goals.

Triple T is consistently above the 95% mark of on time delivery every month

We need to get deliveries to our customers on time. Triple T is consistently above the 95% mark of on-time delivery every month.

Roland Creswell, Senior
Logistics Manager, HP Hood

Technology that is trusted

Technology That is Trusted, But Verified by Professionals

HP Hood produces high-quality products that demand high-quality transport solutions. Triple T is constantly looking ahead to the latest technological advancements in the field of logistics. From freight tracking software that ensures on-time delivery communication, consistent temperature control tracking with refrigerated and frozen freight, to a fast and efficient Transport Management System (TMS), Triple T has adopted numerous solutions that improve HP Hood’s supply chain operations. “I don’t think we ever see declined tenders from Triple T…
Usually if Triple T tells us they can’t do it, it’s something that can’t be done.” states Creswell, when talking about communication with Triple T through the TMS.

While technology provides powerful tools for the modern brokerage, people are the core of Triple T’s success. Unlike digital brokerages that live exclusively on a TMS, Triple T’s support staff are always available to handle any problem or concern that may arise throughout the course of a delivery. Combining cutting-edge solutions with dedicated customer support allows Triple T to provide customers like HP Hood with the best possible service.


In transportation, we expect things to go wrong from time to time. When those things do happen, it’s a lot easier to reach a resolution when you’re able to communicate. Triple T’s communication is always upfront and accurate, and that says a lot about Triple T and how they do business.

Roland Creswell, Senior
Logistics Manager, HP Hood

Strong Carrier Network

Industry-wide shortfalls such as supply chain breakdowns, rising fuel prices and equipment shortages are historic challenges that the modern transport industry faces. Through it all, Triple T continues to deliver the highest level of service for partners like HP Hood. The secret to Triple T’s consistency is its established network of carrier partners. Made up of some of the industry’s leading transport professionals, Triple T’s carriers are thoroughly vetted and chosen for their exceptional track record for reliability. No matter what challenges the industry may face, customers like HP Hood can count on Triple T’s carriers to get the job done.

“We’ve seen no difference in the level of performance that we’ve received from Triple T, pre-pandemic to now,” says Creswell. “I think that speaks to the partnerships they have with their carriers. They’re using trustworthy carriers that deliver and do what they are asked to do.”

Straightforward Claim Resolution

As with all of their customers, Triple T positions itself as an extension of HP Hood when it comes to freight transport. Triple T’s staff and carrier partners exhibit the same level of care and attention to detail that Hood’s own employees embody. Such a partnership is only possible if both parties are committed equally to the
success of both shipments and claims. This level of dedication is especially important when problems arise. From claim resolution to proof of destruction, Triple T works hard to resolve issues in a timely manner with strong communication and total transparency.

“Claims stink. Nobody wants to lose a whole load of product; they are a burden to Hood, our customers, and our contracted carriers,” says Creswell. “With Triple T, there’s never been a question of reimbursement. In most cases we have a check in hand within two weeks of the incident which far exceeds the industry standard.”

It Takes Both Sides to Build a Partnership

The partnership between Triple T Transport and HP Hood thrives on a healthy exchange of trust. Triple T gives HP Hood the confidence that their products will be delivered on time, with transparency and reliability. In return, Hood provides Triple T with valuable insights and detailed requirements that are essential for
understanding the intricacies of their business. This cooperation strengthens the bond between the two companies, with each party benefiting from the other’s strengths.

“It’s easy to work for clients like Hood. There’s no question that they are going to do everything they can to set us up for success,” says John Mahle, Senior Sales Executive at Triple T. “They know we’re going to follow through and do everything we need to do to protect them, and in return we get that same support from them.” This collaborative approach underlines the importance of open communication, trust, and shared objectives in sustaining a productive and enduring partnership.

productive partnership built on trust

The First Choice for Freight Transport Services

HP Hood and Triple T Transport have forged a lasting and productive partnership built on trust, transparency, and exceptional communication. Triple T’s commitment to accommodating Hood’s unique requirements and dedication to on-time delivery consistently adds value to Hood’s supply chain operations. “Triple T has been a tremendous partner for Hood,” says Creswell. “We’re lucky to have a partner that operates the way Triple T does. It makes all of our jobs so much easier.”

With over two decades of trust and understanding as its foundation, the future promises even greater collaboration and success for the partnership between HP Hood and Triple T Transport. Looking ahead, both companies are committed to maintaining their dedication to open communication, transparency,
and meeting the ever-changing demands of their respective industries. By working with Triple T, HP Hood ensures that their company’s supply chain needs and the quality of their products will be maintained at the highest level for years to come.

hood and triple t
HP Hood

About HP Hood

Founded in 1846 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, HP Hood has grown to become one of the largest and most respected dairy processors in the United States. With a rich history spanning over a century, Hood is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality dairy products. Operating 13 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants across the country, HP Hood produces a wide range of products to meet the  evolving needs of a dedicated consumer base and businesses alike. Learn more about Hood by visiting

About Triple T Transport

Triple T Transport, Inc. is a leader in third-party logistics with services for a wide range of cargo, including produce, dry goods, refrigerated goods, frozen foods, food packaging, and much more. Triple T has earned a strong reputation for providing timely, cost-effective transport solutions with personalized support and unmatched service to its customers. An employee owned and operated company, Triple T is a destination for top carriers and shipping clients in North America. To learn more, visit


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