Maintaining Healthy Relationships in The Shipping Industry

May 5, 2022

Truckers Handshake

The list of problems in today’s transportation industry is long and continuing to grow. The causes of these issues are numerous, but a common factor exists that is placing unneeded stress on the market and resulting in damaged relationships. For many of these issues, the problem begins with the relationships between various stakeholders.

For shippers, chasing the lowest carrier rate can often lead to serious problems. Though a company might offer a bid that seems like a bargain, hidden costs will quickly mount if the level of service is not up to par. There are steps that shippers can take to set carriers up for success, but sometimes these measures are not enough. If deliveries aren’t on time or other problems continue to mount, frustrated shippers will face a decision about taking their business elsewhere. These situations lead to damaged business relationships and leave shippers in a worse position than when they started.

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Routing guide failures are another common concern in the industry today. Routing guides provide the framework for identifying a shipment through each step of the process, from the warehouse all the way to delivery. As the source of a shipper’s rules and requirements for inbound and outbound freight, these guides dictate everything from necessary documentation, dock and delivery schedules, driver certification requirements, and much more. When these guidelines are disregarded, the consequences can be disastrous.

From the carrier’s perspective, a shipper’s goals must be realistic, or the carrier is set up for failure from the start. Reasonable schedules agreed upon ahead of time help keep rates manageable and help deliveries stay on time. As well-intentioned as a carrier may be, problems do sometimes arise in the field. To operate efficiently, a carrier must have the peace of mind of knowing that a shipper will not axe the relationship at the first sign of trouble.

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Differences between shippers and carriers are just one of the many challenges facing the modern supply chain. While there is no single cause for the friction these parties sometimes encounter, many of these obstacles do share a common thread: unrealistic expectations. Shippers and carriers must find ways to see eye to eye if they are to overcome problems and maintain healthy working relationships. This means offering a level of understanding when things go wrong and also acknowledging when mounting concerns have reached a tipping point. Simply put, either people must change, or the people will change.

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