Halloween Special 2022 | Supply Chain Squares

October 27, 2022

Happy Halloween! Today our guests dressed up in their favorite Halloween costumes and compete to win a game of tic tac toe. When do shippers start to ship for Halloween? How much candy does the US consume for Halloween? What is the most popular Halloween candy? Find out today, on Supply Chain Squares!

Supply Chain Squares is a logistics-based game show for shippers, carriers and logistics professionals. Industry leaders from across the U.S.A. offer advice to contestants, who compete to win in a game of tic tac toe.

Special Thanks to our guests:

Joe Lombardo – Ege Avenue Associates

Jim Huber – Century Resources, Inc.

Pat Musser – HP Hood Matt Mahle – Triple T Transport

Amanda Dexter – Litehouse Foods

Thomas Kern – Kern Kendrick, LLC

Debbie Lombardo – Tarrier Foods

Wendy Workman – SK Food Group

Katie Devine – Triple T Transport

Ben Hong – Triple T Transport

And, our Mystery Guest – to be revealed on the Christmas Special!

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