Tracking Tech Streamlines Food Recall Management

June 23, 2022

Food recalls are a serious matter for protecting public health and safety. When a recall is announced, shippers, carriers and logistics companies must work diligently to secure every lot of affected product. Steps must then be taken to ensure proper disposal once all recalled goods are reclaimed and accounted for. This process includes detailed documentation of everything from entry/exit time from the facility where the goods are housed, to the location of the dump and time of disposal.

All documentation pertaining to the execution of the recall can be compiled into a single report detailing every step of the process. Shippers use this information to file a claim with their insurance company to help recoup some of the funds tied to goods lost. In the end, consumers are kept safe from potentially harmful products while shippers can recover at least some of the expense tied to executing the recall.

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Stakeholders across the entire supply chain must work urgently throughout each stage of the recall to ensure that the process is executed effectively. Shipping brokers play a crucial role by coordinating the efficient pickup and disposal of the affected product while tracking and documenting the entire recall process.

Tackling a recall would be relatively simple if goods were only delivered from their point of origin directly to their destination. In reality, refrigerated trucks full of perishable food might crisscross the country before arriving at its final delivery point. To assure a safe delivery or track down goods efficiently in the event of a recall, careful tracking of freight is essential.

“Sometimes recalls don’t come until after you ship. It might take five to seven days, or even more,” says Creg Fielding, CEO & Founder of Fusionware. “How do you go back and pinpoint where those loads actually went?”

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Modern tracking technologies take the guesswork out of recall through detailed reporting. These platforms offer a detailed accounting over the entire lifespan of a given good from inception to final delivery. Thanks to these tracking systems, recalls can easily be enacted with the high level of urgency they require.

Fusionware’s aims to provide customers on their platform with a detailed report of any shipment within seconds of entering a lot number. This report includes the real-time location for all inventory associated with the lot, the shipper, carrier, and destination, as well as any touchpoints along the way. The company’s goal is to provide users with all the information needed for a complete food safety trace/recall in three minutes or less.

Detailed tracking is an invaluable tool for avoiding disruptions that are all too common in the modern supply chain. Whether tackling a recall or simply handling your day-to-day shipping needs, it’s important to work with stakeholders who you can trust to have your best interest at heart. For world-class third-party logistics services you can count on, look to the experts at Triple T Transport. Click here to contact us today or request a quote.

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